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Our lives in Kali Yuga are met with great challenge on all levels; 1) spiritual 2) emotional 3) mental and 4) physical. This is because the environment in which we live is severely polluted by the incredible network of collective karma that strives to keep us in tiny, individual existence lives; struggling to just stay alive for a few years. The Universe in which we live is polluted by the collective karmic traces of humanity and life for most of us is experienced as a struggle.

Our physical body is constantly challenged with the negative environmental influences of toxins in the food, air and water, and electromagnetic and radio frequencies. Yet most of the time we adapt and carry on with a somewhat normal life. This is thanks to the efforts of the devas (sparks of Creative Intelligence that maintain all life) of our body, acting in defense of the body. But for some, the devas become exhausted and chronic illness comes. Gradually the devas are overwhelmed by environmental influences and the body falls sick.

Soon, we are likely to be faced with the effects of 5G and its known array of issues.

5G Networked Family


5G refers to the “5th generation” wireless technology. Its intended purpose is to provide faster and higher capacity transmissions to carry the massive amount of data that will be generated from the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, driverless cars, and video streaming. No one is yet clear about how 5G will be achieved, so at present, it is being used more as a marketing term, although in Dec. 2017, industry announced that it has finally settled on specs or standards for 5G.

What is clear is that 5G will include the higher millimeter wave (MMW) frequencies never before used for Internet and Telecommunications technology. These waves do not travel as easily through buildings as the lower frequencies, so according to the original marketing scheme, 5G would require millions of new so-called “small cells” aka Wireless Telecommunications Facilities. But more recently, a number of wireless companies have stated that 5G signals can travel 3000 feet (over half a mile). Regardless, the wireless telecom industry is still aggressively seeking to outfit lampposts and utility poles around the country with wireless “small cell” antennas beaming hazardous radiation next to, or into our homes, 24/7.

In light of the robust and ever growing independent science showing adverse health effects from radiofrequency/microwave radiation, the densification of our neighborhoods with 5G-infrastructure may prove to be a very ill-conceived idea.


The Internet of Things (IoT), as being marketed and sold to the public, is a vision of connecting every “thing” possible to the Internet – all machines, appliances, objects, devices, and even our brains. In addition, the IoT will include artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) , virtual reality (VR), robots , microchipped humans , and augmented humans (humans with some form of technology implanted or integrated into their biology to “enhance” human characteristics or capabilities). IoT sensors  and surveillance cameras will pepper our communities as well. New IoT cyber physical systems will render all objects “smart” – i.e. connected to the Cloud – thus enabling pervasive machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and massive data collection. It will also leave us open to devastating cyber attacks.

Some of the IoT products currently being manufactured include driverless cars, clothing, toasters, and coffee makers. Even diapers, and pacifiers for babies will be made “smart”. There are “smart” mattresses (with “infidelity detection systems”), “smart” toothbrushes to record and notify you how well you are brushing, WiFi connected pills to transmit data to your physician, and the IoT even includes sex-bots, bluetooth tampons, and baby pods mothers can insert to serenade their unborn baby (check out the Soraya video below) – and, sorry to say, even smart condoms to measure “performance”.

Every IoT “thing”, including robots, sensors, surveillance cameras, and augmented reality, will generate personal usage-data, which will be mined, stored, and used by government, law enforcement, industry, and hackers.

Every IoT “thing”, including robots, sensors, surveillance cameras, and augmented reality, will increase our exposure to pulsed microwave radiation – known to adversely impact both humans and wildlife.

Although government and industry promote the IoT as the panacea for all, the IoT itself, creates a plethora of problems. This website delineates nine ways that 5G and the IoT will cause serious harms to humans, wildlife, and our Earth. There are many more than nine, but these will hopefully be covered in future blog posts. After exploring this website and conducting further research, you may decide the hoped for (and hyped about) benefits of 5G/IoT do not outweigh the very serious harms, and you may choose to not buy into them, both figuratively and literally.

Nine ways 5G and the IoT will harm humans, the environment, and Earth

  • Health – The robust and growing independent science shows harms to our health from microwave radiation
  • Privacy – The invasion of our privacy from the collection and mining of our digital data
  • Cyber Security -The fast growing and devastating cyber security risks
  • Environment – The harms to wildlife, particularly bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Energy – The huge energy consumption to produce and power a wireless Internet of Things
  • Brains and Humanity – The effects on our brains and humanity from humans increasingly inhabiting the cyber world
  • E-Waste – The astronomical e-waste that will be generated from connecting virtually every “thing” to the Internet
  • Conflict Minerals – 5G and the IoT will vastly grow our dependence on conflict minerals, which have brought about the death of close to 6 million people
  • Ethics — Ethical issues arising from the IoT. New human rights laws are being being considered; how should humans relate to robots and AI? The blurring of what was once a clear delineation between technology and humans

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

It is estimated that about 8% of the population of modern countries, USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, are currently suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - a functional disorder with a host of symptoms:

Hypochondriac reactions
Mental depression
Loss of hair
Increased perspiration
Endocrine process disruption
CNS exhaustion
Disturbed sleep at night
Feelings of fear
Memory impairment
Pain in muscles and heart region
Decreased sensitivity to smell
Sleepiness in daytime
Nervous tension
Pulling sensation in scalp and brow
Breathing difficulties
Difficulty with sex life
Increases histamine in blood

Once the symptoms appear, it may take several years of careful management to allow the body to recover from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Soon we may be exposed to the influence of 5G and this could exponentially increase the number of people with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. 

Even though you may not be suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity now, it is likely that you are experiencing some degraded life experience and poorer health that can be attributed to your exposure to the incredible array of chaotic electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation that is bombarding all of us now.  We must take steps to provide the devas of our body with the necessary rest and energy to defend the body from this assault. To do so will undoubtedly improve our health and quality of life.


The new Thrive Vitara is your first line of defense for strengthening the body's immune system that will protect you from chaotic and damaging electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation. The human body has the innate ability to protect itself from a negative environment. The key is a strong immune system, which is the providence of the devas of your body.

Thrive Vitara Levitating

There are 4 levels of help that we can provide to our devas:

  1. Turn off as much electrical influence as possible while sleeping - this means you should implement as much as possible: no cell phones, no wi-fi, no digital alarm clock, no cordless phones in the house, no smart meter on the house, if possible turn off power at the mains so no electricity is flowing in the house,shield the house from power lines, cell phone towers, and radio transmitters. When 5G comes, this will be even more important to work out ways to Thrive Vitara 140pxshield the bedroom at least from this microwave radiation. See this article for 10 ways to reduce or eliminate chaotic electromagnetic, radio and microwave radiation.
  2. Thrive Vitara - creates a positive sattvic field that energizes the devas, plus it neutralizes chaotic electromagnetic, radio and microwaves in the immediate environment. Everyone should have a Thrive Vitara with them 24x7 to support and strengthen the devas of the body. See this page for complete details about the Thrive Vitara.
  3. Krishna C60 Amrita - is a powerful supplement that will provide every cell of the body Krishna C60 Amrita Bottle View Smallwith a C60 molecule that has been supercharged with the entire Rig Veda. These intelligent C60 molecules will protect their adopted cell from toxins in the blood stream as well as chaotic electromagnetic, radio and microwave radiation in the environment.See this article for more about Krishna C60 Amrita.
  4. Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid or Prana Healing Chamber or Faraday Cage (depending on funds available). For the body and its devas to gain maximum rest, one must sleep in a protected environment with near-zero exposure to chaotic electromagnetic, radio and microwave radiation. At a minimum, this requires a Faraday Cage. Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid 300But if resources allow, one can use this time of rest to supercharge the devas with prana from the exposure to prana panels.

If one already has the symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, all 4 levels are necessary to recover from these debilitating symptoms. For those without symptoms, then for sure at least Level 1 and Level 2 should be implemented, and as resources permit, add Level 3 and Level 4.

Thrive Vitara

Thrive Vitara to neutralize chaotic electromagnetic, radio frequency radiation and 5G and create a supportive bubble of sattwa in a 25 foot radius

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Single Thrive Vitara to neutralize chaotic electromagnetic, radio frequency radiation and 5G and create a supportive bubble of sattwa in a 25 foot radius  
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Two Thrive Vitaras to neutralize chaotic electromagnetic, radio frequency radiation and 5G and create a supportive bubble of sattwa in a 25 foot radius  
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Three Thrive Vitaras to neutralize chaotic electromagnetic, radio frequency radiation and 5G and create a supportive bubble of sattwa in a 25 foot radius  
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Novel research reveals that blocking exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produces significant symptom changes in 90% of patients with autoimmune disease. No longer can it be ignored that manmade electromagnetic radiation poses innumerable risks to human health.


The Ubiquity of Electrosmog

Concerns about electromagnetic fields (EMF) are branded pseudoscientific conspiracy theories and relegated to the realm of tin-hat wearing quackery. However, a recent publication in the peer-reviewed journal Immunologic Research entitled “Electrosmog and Autoimmune Disease,” sheds new light on the validity of concerns about this so-called electrosmog with which we are constantly inundated.

C60 molecule levitating

C60 (Carbon 60) is the newest health sensation in the natural health and longevity worlds. So what is C60? It is simply a special geometrical arrangement of 60 carbon atoms into a single molecule that looks like a soccer ball, made up of inter-locking pentagonal and hexagonal structures. C60 molecules are also called fullerenes or buckyballs after Buckminster Fuller, the man who discovered them. By the way, Fuller was the very same guy who said that the best way to overcome a (failing, tyrannical or destructive) system is to create a new one that makes the old one obsolete. Understanding this is the key to defeating the New World Order (NWO) worldwide conspiracy.

5G Tech Is The Real Trojan Horse To Human Extinction

The mainstream media's coverage of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) is so superficial that many people believe that the issue of safety regarding exposures to electromagnetic fields has been settled and that we have nothing to worry about. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Researchers in bio-electromagnetics and biophysics have continued to observe alarming studies across a range of frequency exposures that are common in our everyday lives, especially with wireless products such as cell phones, DECT phones, cell towers and wireless routers and laptop computers. The United States media is largely unaware of this continually growing body of research, coming largely from European countries.

Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid LogoThe Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid is a patent pending structure that simulates the environment of Satyug.

According to Vedic Literature (Srimad Bhagavatam 3.11.19 and other texts) there are four major periods of time in the universe, known as the four Yugas. These ages see a gradual decline in dharma, wisdom, knowledge, intellectual capability, life span, and physical strength. These four periods are:

  1. Satya Yuga:- Virtue reigns supreme. Average human lifespan was 100,000 years.
  2. Treta Yuga: – There was 3 quarter virtue & 1 quarter sin. Average human lifespan was 10,000 years.
  3. Dwapar Yuga: – There was 1 half virtue & 1 half sin. Average human lifespan was 1000 years.
  4. Kali Yuga: – There is 1 quarter virtue & 3 quarter sin. Average human lifespan will be 100 years.

In our time now, Kaliyug, the environment is minimally conducive to the development of full human potential and higher states of consciousness. However, in Satyug the environment is ideal for these aspects of life.

Thrive Vitara

The Thrive Vitara fulfills the need of the time for small, portable device that neutralizes chaotic electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation in its environment, with a range of about 25 feet in all directions. By this action, the life forms in this sphere of influence are given a chance to rebuild natural defenses against a hostile environment. As a result, quality of life improves, health improves, and life is lived more peacefully and progressively.

In the last 100 years our world has changed from a more natural, safe, low electromagnetic environment to one heavily polluted by chaotic electromagnetic devices.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Krishna C60 Amrit Logo

Krishna C60 Amrit is based on the amazing C60 molecule. This molecule is a 3rd form of Carbon, the other two being diamond and graphite, and it is a superconductor with intelligent properties. C60 is clinically proven to have many beneficial health effects in a variety of organisms. It has anti-cancer effects, brain-rejuvenating effects and cardiovascular health effects as well as extremely dramatic longevity effects in a variety of organisms. This molecule "knows" what is nourishing to the human body and what is toxic, and will adsorb (collect on its surface) all toxic chemicals or life damaging electromagnetic energy that comes in its vicinity.

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