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5 G and the Internet of Things:10 Steps You Can Take to Protect Yourself Right Now from Electromagnetic Field Radiation


5G Tech Is The Real Trojan Horse To Human Extinction

The mainstream media's coverage of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) is so superficial that many people believe that the issue of safety regarding exposures to electromagnetic fields has been settled and that we have nothing to worry about. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Researchers in bio-electromagnetics and biophysics have continued to observe alarming studies across a range of frequency exposures that are common in our everyday lives, especially with wireless products such as cell phones, DECT phones, cell towers and wireless routers and laptop computers. The United States media is largely unaware of this continually growing body of research, coming largely from European countries.

5G Smart Grid - Great Summary Of The World We Are Rapidly Heading Into

5G, or 5th generation wireless networks and mobile systems will totally change the way we receive our Internet and cell phone connections. The blanket of radiation that provides our wireless and cell phone coverage will be converted into targeted, powerful beams capable of going right through your body. Because of the nature of 5G, many smaller arrayed towers and antennas will replace the current cell towers.

The Dangers of the 5G Wireless network

A growing number of people are experiencing negative health effects from cell phone and wireless exposure. The roll out of 5G is starting in 2018 with plans to have it fully implemented in the U.S. by 2020.

Wireless Warfare Exposed. Includes ways to protect your family


With the introduction of 5G, the following problems are likely to rapidly increase. No one is immune from the effects of EMF’s and with the high cost of health care we can’t afford to ignore this issue:

  • Dizziness
  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Concentration Disorders
  • Chest pain
  • Heart Problems
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Allergies
  • Memory Loss
  • paralysis
  • Skin burning
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • GERD
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Visual Disorders

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the problems caused from EMF’s. Let’s take a look at the electromagnetic wave scale below to give you an idea of the nature of 5G:

Surviving 5G Frequency Chart

As you can see there is a jump from a frequency of 3 GHz to 30 GHz and more with the new technologies coming our way. Without our consent we are all part of the largest human experiment in known history. The human body resonates with EMF waves, which causes disorganization and destruction at a cellular level. Radiation from mobile phones, etc. also causes permeability of the blood brain barrier and alterations to the genetic material, which also results in pregnancy damage and physical deformities, as well as deliberate damage to our children.

10 Steps to Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Radiation

  1. Opt out of the “Internet of things” as much as you can and resist the urge to buy any additional smart devices for your home. Avoid buying products with wireless technology. Everything from refrigerators to tooth brushes is being manufactured with wireless connection. As the years pass it will get harder and harder to find anything that isn’t wireless. If you don’t shop second hand now you may find it necessary in the future if you want to reduce your exposure.
  2. Make your bedroom a sanctuary for restful sleep. You want to encourage the natural production of melatonin in your brain. Taking a melatonin supplement might be helpful to help establish good sleep patterns again but it should not be taken on a regular basis or it may interrupt natural melatonin production. To help produce your own melatonin naturally, make sure your room is completely dark at night. Move wireless routers, TV’s and computers from the bedroom. If this is not possible, put them on a surge protector power strip with a switch to make it easy to turn them off at night. Use blue blocker glasses in evening or set your computer on the warmer color night mode if it has that capability. If you have a DECT phone in your room, replace it with a wired phone, or move it to another room if possible. These wireless handsets are more dangerous than cell phones because they broadcast 24/7 so if you can it is best to get rid of them and make use of the speakerphone whenever possible. Avoid using baby monitors if possible and never place in a baby’s crib. Unplug your wireless router when you go to bed to give your family a rest from constant Wi-Fi radiation. Install a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid in your bedroom to completely shield you from all radiation while you sleep, and provide the added benefit of increased Prana for your body. Always have your EMF Shield Vitara in the bedroom with you.
  3. Do not carry your cell phone next to your body or put against your head to make phone calls. Don’t let babies or children use or play with your cell phone! Use the speakerphone, or an air tube head set to make calls. If possible turn off your cell phone when not in use and instead check it periodically. When on, keep your cell phone on airplane mode to stop it from constantly broadcasting signals to find the nearest cell tower. You may find you are actually more productive with out the constant interruptions. Do not use it for an alarm clock or sleep with it next to your head. Keep it out of the bedroom completely.
  4. Opt out of getting a smart meter if at all possible. If you are offered a smart meter decline getting one installed. Do this in writing by mailing a letter to your electric provider after the offer is made. If is appears that a smart meter cannot be avoided, visit this website and you will find information to help: https://www.freedomtaker.com/. If you live in a home with a smart meter that can’t be removed, install a shielding device over the meter. Beware of a new breed of smart meters that look like analog meters but have a receiver inside! Look for receivers in brands like ABB, Elster, General Electric, Landis+Gyr, Schlumberger, and Siemens. To check and see if any of these brands of “analog” meters have a receiver, look very closely inside to see if there is a circuit board mounted in the unit. An analog meter won’t have a circuit board. Even with a shielded device or apartment building with smart meters it is of utmost importance that you protect yourself. If you can move out into the country, away from the city do so but be aware you will still need protection from the growing wireless infrastructure and the unavoidable EMF’s in your home.
  5. Protect your unborn child and infant from EMF’s. If you are pregnant, refrain from using a cell phone as much as possible and don’t rest it on your stomach, or put it in your pocket! Do not use while nursing, feeding, or holding your baby. Don’t forget seniors and the disabled. Most nursing homes, hospitals, and institutional facilities not only have wireless, but also increasingly have cell towers installed on their property for the extra revenue they bring in. More and more wireless devices are being developed to monitor everything from blood sugar to the sky rocketing dementia that is occurring in our society. The very technology that is helping to cause these problems is now being used to monitor the same! Ask yourself if it makes sense to use wireless devices to monitor your health.
  6. Protect your children from EMF’s in every way possible! EMF’s put constant low-level stress on the body and children are especially vulnerable and their thinner skulls, and thinner,smaller bones make them more vulnerable to radiation. A growing number of studies are showing a link to cancer, brain tumor’s and Autism in children, and EMF exposure. Children should not have cell phones. If you choose to give your child a cell phone teach them how to safely handle a cellphone and if possible give them a flip style phone or a device that only allows texting. Don’t allow the cell phone in their room at night or to be used like a toy or entertainment device. This also goes for tablets. Limit their use of computers and instead encourage reading from books, enjoying the outdoors, learning useful life skills like woodworking, cooking, growing a garden, etc. Also other creative activities like painting and drawing. You will be rewarded with a calmer, happier, more empathic and focused child who learns, as they should. Schools have become one of the most dangerous places for children when it comes to electromagnetic field radiation. Not only do the schools have wireless routers, they are encouraging more and more the use of tablets and computers. Many of the children carry smart phones, which are always switched on and cell towers are being installed on the property because they bring in money for the schools. The new 5G system will be much more powerful, remember we are going from 4G to 30G. The term 5G is misleading as it refers to the next phase of development and is a marketing term not the actual strength of the signal! Consider the words of Dr. Martin Blank, PHD: “I wish to emphasize we still do not know what a “safe” level of EMF exposure is (though in some cases, we do know what an unsafe level is).” “ Research studies have demonstrated biological effects of EMF exposure even at very low levels of radiation.”
  7. Make your home office workspace and work travel safer. If possible hardwire your computer. If you travel to an office as most people do, this is an area where there often there is not the ability to as have much control over your environment. Be sure to have a EMF Shield Vitara in your office. It is recommended that when staying in a hotel room to put your EMF Shield Vitara on your nightstand as hotels have very high levels of EMF radiation, especially if they are made of glass and steel.
  8. Strengthen your body with Krishna C60 Amrita, proper sleep, a good diet and moderate exercise. Research has shown a link between EMF’s and chronic infections. The constant stress takes a toll on our health. Eating a diet of whole foods as free of pesticides and herbicides as possible can only help your body fight infections. Avoiding processed foods full of chemicals and sugar allows your body to heal properly. Adding extra vitamins and minerals to your diet such as Vitamin C and zinc to help strengthen the immune system is also something to consider, as these tend to be deficiencies common in the modern diet due to over farming of the soils. Also, make sure you are getting enough vitamin D; make it a habit to go outside at midday for 15 minutes to catch some of the sun’s rays. Consult a physician who practices functional medicine in regards to diet and nutrition to explore your individual dietary and nutritional needs. Move your body and do whatever you enjoy- walking, hikes, dancing, swimming, yoga or more functional exercise like gardening, yard work, house work, etc.… make sure you get some exercise each day. Shoot for 30 minutes and work up a light sweat, with brief bursts of higher intensity to help strengthen your heart and lungs.
  9. Strengthen your consciousness through Atmavedi Meditation. Our lives are increasingly more hectic and we have gotten into the habit of keeping our selves’ constantly distracted. The increased bombardment of EMF radiation is robbing us of our humanity and our creativity. Look around you, everywhere there is an increase in a lack of caring and even violence toward each other. Make it a habit each day to turn off your TV, and any other distractions and just be with your thoughts. Take it a step further and learn to meditate. Learning meditation has many benefits and is worth taking time for. Meditation will improve your concentration and will enable better decision-making, develop your empathy toward all living things, and help strengthen your sense of wellbeing.
  10. Go out into nature! Spend time each week out doors in a park or better yet visit a forest. If you have forgotten the wonderful, natural vibe of the earth, rediscover it. Spending time in nature is one the most important things you can do for your physical and mental health. The more contact with the natural world we have, the more we strengthen and remember our connection to it and understand that the virtual world inside of our devices distracts us from reality and the need to protect nature. Preserving our natural world benefits us directly in obvious ways but we may forget this fact to our own detriment and that of future generations.

New technologies bring us many advantages. The cell phone and wireless industry are no exception. We now have instant communication with our loved ones, we have access to information for education and research that used to be the stuff of science fiction, we transact business easily all over the world and can remotely monitor everything from the weather to a patience’s health in their own home but these newer communication technologies come at a steep cost. Early observation and testing showed that electromagnetic field radiation caused damage to living organisms and was shoved under the rug and ignored in favor of developing new technologies without additional research and development of safer ways to achieve the same objectives.

Additionally these new technologies have become invasive and are being used to monitor our every move and now even to discover our private thoughts. This rapidly growing industry has also been weaponized putting our population in further peril. We cannot depend on the telecommunication industry or many of the scientific studies to be honest with us or protect us. We will have to do this for ourselves and support the research of scientists and product manufacturers who have the integrity to give us the truth and develop products that are safe and give us the protection we need.

It’s not enough for cell phone manufacturers to advise us not to put our cellphones next to our bodies in tiny print buried in a users manual. Eventually there will be so much illness and destruction, the reality tipping point will come about and a majority of the people will face the truth and demand safer technologies. If you find yourself unmoved and not really caring about any of this you might want to ask yourself why? Where have your feelings for yourself and empathy for all living things gone? Maybe you can remember a time when you felt more deeply and cared more about the future.

Try this experiment: Turn off your wireless and your cellphone for a week and see how you now think and feel. Sometimes we become so adapted to a new state we forget what it feels like to be truly alive.

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Novel research reveals that blocking exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) produces significant symptom changes in 90% of patients with autoimmune disease. No longer can it be ignored that manmade electromagnetic radiation poses innumerable risks to human health.


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5G Tech Is The Real Trojan Horse To Human Extinction

The mainstream media's coverage of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) is so superficial that many people believe that the issue of safety regarding exposures to electromagnetic fields has been settled and that we have nothing to worry about. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Researchers in bio-electromagnetics and biophysics have continued to observe alarming studies across a range of frequency exposures that are common in our everyday lives, especially with wireless products such as cell phones, DECT phones, cell towers and wireless routers and laptop computers. The United States media is largely unaware of this continually growing body of research, coming largely from European countries.

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Electromagnetic Radiation

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